Scholars International (Scholars Conferences) is a global leader in producing high quality Conferences, Meetings, Workshops, Symposia and, Webinars in all major fields of Pharma, Healthcare, Science, Technology and Medicine. 

After a Successful completion of 10 Years Journey in Conducting Courses, Educational Events and Fairs by Collaborating Various Universities, Colleges and Institutions, we currently bringing forth the Scholars International to conduct?International Conferences, Meetings, Workshops, Symposia?and Webinars?with a main theme of “Accelerating the Cutting-Edge Scientific Research into Success by Bringing People Together”. We have a stable and growing client base that ranges from small and medium-sized organizations worldwide. Our production and management teams are located in the US, UK, Japan and India access to deep pools of subject matter experts.

All the Conferences, Meetings, Workshops, Courses and Webinars conducted by Scholars International are accredited with?Continuing Professional Development(CPD), Continuing Education(CE), and Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits. 

Scholars International Organizes International Conferences in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Canada and USA in the fields of Medical, Clinical, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Healthcare and Engineering which covers all the subjects like Medical, Clinical, Nursing, Oncology, Neuroscience, Pediatrics, Microbiology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Materials Sciences, Nanotechnology etc., We aim at bringing together world-renowned scientists, researchers, specialists, practitioners along with senior executives, industry experts, societies & associations members to share and exchange the advancements, approaches, and challenges in their expertise. Our conferences include Workshops, Symposiums, Special Sessions, Panel Discussions, B2B Meetings and Exhibitions.

We welcome all the interested members to participate at our conferences as Keynote Speakers, Plenary Speakers, Poster Presentations, Delegates, Sponsors & Exhibitors.


Salient features that insist you to choose us include:
  • Open Access
  • Fast-track publication
  • Peer-review process
  • Online Manuscript Tracking
  • Quality Research Papers
  • Widely Indexed
  • Automatic Citation
  • Quality Reprints
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