1. Scientists create a renewable source of cancer-fighting T cells

UCLA researchers is first to flaunt a technique for coaxing pluripotent stem cells which can give rise to every cell type in the body and which can be developed considerably in the lab into becoming mature T cells capable of killing tumour cells.

Source: University of California - Los Angeles Health Sciences


2. How to rapidly image entire brain at a nanoscale resolution

A powerful new technique combines expansion microscopy with lattice light-sheet microscopy for nanoscale imaging of fly and mouse neuronal circuits and their molecular constituents that’s roughly 1,000 times faster than other methods.

Source: Howard Hughes Medical Institute

3. Scientists grow perfect human blood vessels in a petri dish

Scientists have managed to grow perfect human blood vessels as organoids in a petri dish for the first time. The breakthrough engineering technology dramatically advances research of vascular diseases like diabetes, identifying a key pathway to potentially prevent changes to blood vessels a major cause of death and morbidity among those with diabetes.

Source: University of British Columbia


4. Does less sleep affect cardiovascular risk?

People who sleep less than six hours a night might be at increased risk of cardiovascular disease compared with those who sleep between seven and eight hours, suggests a new study. Poor quality sleep increases the risk of atherosclerosis -- plaque build-up in the arteries throughout the body.

Source: American College of Cardiology


5. How stem cells self-organize in the developing embryo?

New study uses live imaging to understand a critical step in early embryonic development how genes and molecules control forces to orchestrate the emergence of form in the developing embryo. The study findings could have important implications for how stem cells are used to create functional organs in the lab, and lead to a better understanding of the underlying causes of gastrointestinal birth defects.

Source: Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science &


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