Clinical Significance of ICON and APF Topical Fluoride over Profoundness of Artificial Enamel Lesions: An InVitro Study

Arpita Saxena,

Published on: 2020-08-24


Introduction: Despite presence of many self or professional preventive treatments, dental caries has always been a public health challenge. One of them is ICON
Aim: To evaluate the laboratory correlation between ICON resin infiltration (smooth surface) and APF topical fluoride in treating artificial enamel lesion on extracted human premolars and molars.
Materials and Methodology: In the laboratory quantitative research, microscopic assessment was done with ‘Stereo-microscope’ and ‘Digital Imaging Software’ 6.14.4 version on 22 extracted (treated with ICON & APF) human teeth after inducing artificial incipient caries.
Statistical Analysis: t-test was applied to check effectiveness of APF-ICON in MATLAB software, to find mean, median, standard deviation, p-value and confidence level of mean to justify the results appropriately.
Results: A significant inference (p<0.5) was acquired at the end of the study i.e. at 6th week. Statistically, APF showed superiority to ICON with respect to lesion depth (mean 50.2mm).
Conclusion: ICON and APF are one of many ways to provide treatment of incipient caries or white spot lesions and maintain a natural anatomy of tooth structure with a clinical implication that they have potential as an agent.

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