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Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic in Patients with Demyelinizing Diseases
Tkachuk Verónica
La Prensa Medica

Introduction: More than a year after the start of the pandemic, the follow-up and face-to-face care of patients with demyelinating diseases has been modified. According to the evidence, patients with [...]

25th Jul, 2022, RESEARCH ARTICLE
Rhinophyma Cosmetic Disfigurement Nasal Anatomy
Ricardo Jorge Losardo
La Prensa Medica

Different aspects of rhinophyma were described: history, etiopathogeny, histopathology, epidemiology, clinical, differential diagnoses, treatments and prognosis. It is emphasized that it is a localize [...]

20th Jul, 2022, RESEARCH ARTICLE
Mixed Skin and Ecrino Component Cutaneous Carcinoma: Literature Review and Clinical Case Presentation
Mijares A Avenida El Hatillo
La Prensa Medica

Introduction: Tumors of the skin adnexal are lesions that arise from, or differ towards, structures in normal skin, such as regions of hair follicles, ducts, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, or a combi [...]

11th Jul, 2022, RESEARCH ARTICLE
Clinical Characteristics and Evolution of Ventilated Patients Invasively During the First Year of COVID-19 - Descriptive-Observational Study at a Public-School Hospital of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Camila S Galeano
La Prensa Medica

Introduction: SARS CoV-2 infection can cause mild respiratory symptoms to acute respiratory failure, characterized by severe hypoxemia and bilateral infiltrates that require intensive care. Being a ne [...]

Remote Cardiovascular Rehabilitation at COVID-19 Times: Experience in a University Hospital
Dávolos Ignacio
La Prensa Medica

Multiple studies have shown that cardiovascular rehabilitation (CVR) programs are safe and effective in improving functional capacity and quality of life, as well as reducing readmission and all-cause [...]

Intestinal Perforation as an Intraoperative Complication of Abdominal Liposuction
Ricardo Jorge Losardo
La Prensa Medica

One of the complications of abdominal liposuction is analyzed: intra-operative intestinal perforation by the cannula (instrumental). The relationship between the cannula, the abdominal wall and the sm [...]

The Trigeminal Herpes Zoster and the Hutchinson Sign Presentation of 5 Cases and Literature Review
Mario Valerga
La Prensa Medica

Herpes zoster consists of the reactivation of the varicella zoster virus that remains latent in the ganglia of the posterior roots of the spinal cord. Ophthalmic herpes zoster is due to the fifth cran [...]

26th Jul, 2022, RESEARCH ARTICLE
A Study of Prevalence of Refractive Error in Squinted Children (6-12 Years) Attending Shahed Dr. Aso-Eye Hospital
Qusay Hussein Ali Al-Maleki
La Prensa Medica

To determine the prevalence of refractive error (RE) as a cause in squinted in children in this aged (6-12 years) in Sulaimania city. The prevalence rate study among patient attending Shahed Dr. Aso e [...]

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