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1st Mar, 2021, COMMENTARIES
COVID-19 Related Myocarditis and Stroke in Children: Spared but not Safe
Raj Sahulee
International Journal of Integrative Cardiology

Beginning in Wuhan China in 2019, the SARS-CoV-2 infection, or COVID-19, has spread to become a devastating worldwide pandemic. Myocarditis and stroke are known direct and indirect complications of SA [...]

3D TTE Assessment of Mitral Commissural Calcification; Does its Open Scope for more Effective New Scoring?
Shakil SS
International Journal of Integrative Cardiology

Rheumatic Mitral valvular disease is characterized by the involvement of their commissures. The intervention of mitral stenosis is directed at the commissures, either Balloon commissurotomy (PTMC) or [...]

Prevalence and Associated Factors of Malnutrition in HIV-Infected Children Younger than 5 Years at a Teaching Hospital in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso
Ghislain Gnimbar Poda
Journal of Food and Nutritional Health

Background: Malnutrition on the background of HIV infection is a complex medical condition that carries significant morbidity and mortality for affected children, Objectives: This study assessed nutr [...]

Overview on Current Research and Treatments of Brain Tumor
Gayatri Varikuti
Journal of Clinical Oncology and Therapeutics

A brain tumor (intracranial tumor) is an abnormal growth of cells/tissue in the brain, where the cells grow at an uncontrollable rate, unchecked by the control mechanisms of the body. Brain tumors are [...]

26th Feb, 2021, RESEARCH ARTICLE
FINDRISC or PRESS Scores for the Prediction of Prediabetes Risk: Assessing and Comparing Their Performance Among the Lebanese University Workers
Maher Abdallah
Obesity and Diabetes Research

Objective: Compare and Assess the performance of two screening tools: FINDRISC and PRESS in the prediction of prediabetes risk among the Lebanese university workers. Material and methods: This cross- [...]

Coordinated International Initiatives and Access of Global Research Data: Towards Personalized Cancer Medicine
Marta Puyol
Journal of Clinical Oncology and Therapeutics

Cancer is a complex disease that can be caused by a combination of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Therefore, knowledge and perspective from multiple disciplines are essential to tackle [...]

Combining Immunotherapy with Anti-angiogenic Therapy: The New Standard of Care for Hepatocellular Cancer?
Giorgio Astara
Journal of Clinical Oncology and Therapeutics

Advanced hepatocellular cancer (HCC) is the fourth most common cause of cancer death. Two of the major HCC characteristics are neoangiogenesis and the immune suppression within its limits. Indeed, chr [...]

3rd Feb, 2021, CASE STUDIES
Fetal Warfarin Syndrome: Case Report
Sunil Gothwal
Journal of Womens Health Care and Management

Fetal warfarin syndrome is a rare condition due to antenatal exposure to warfarin. Warfarin is low molecular weight anticoagulant needed for few medical indications during pregnancy. It crosses the pl [...]

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