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27th Nov, 2020, RESEARCH ARTICLE
Cognitive Impairment in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis as Assessed by Objective Computerized Testing
Roberto Bomprezzi
Neurological Sciences and Neurosurgery

Background: Cognitive impairment (CI) has a substantial impact on quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), but testing has been limited. A brief, easy-to-administer neuropsychological [...]

27th Nov, 2020, RESEARCH ARTICLE
Factors Associated with Migraine Occurrence in Ramadan: A Prospective Survey from a Tertiary Headache Clinic
Eman Hamdy
Neurological Sciences and Neurosurgery

Objective: All adult Muslims are obligated to abstain from food and drinks for about 11-16 hours daily during the month of Ramadan on the Islamic calendar, and this was reported to exacerbate migraine [...]

28th Nov, 2020, RESEARCH ARTICLE
A Comparison Study of Acute Complicated Appendicitis in Al-Basra Teaching Hospital a Prospective Clinical Study
Ahmed Ziarra Khalaf Al-Eass
La Prensa Medica

Background: Acute appendicitis is one of the most frequent surgical emergencies and is a common cause of non-traumatic acute abdominal emergencies that require surgical intervention. Most complicated [...]

18th Nov, 2020, RESEARCH ARTICLE
Changes in Microbiota and Short-Chain Fatty Acids Following 3-Month Pilot Intervention Study Feeding Brown Rice Ball (Omusubi) to Healthy Volunteers
Shaw Watanabe
La Prensa Medica

Background: The health effects of brown rice are still in debate. From September to December 2019, 30 employees in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries conducted the pilot intervention [...]

Twenty-First Century Cardiology Practice can and should Minimize Oxidative Stress and Optimize Heart Rate Variability
Gary L Murray
International Journal of Integrative Cardiology

This commentary is inspired by the 12 year study of 133 type II diabetics (DM) in whom sudden cardiac death(SCD) risk was identified SCD with one autonomic screening and addressed, reducing SCD 43% (p [...]

Wrapping Technique in Fusiform Aneurysms
Matías Baldoncini
Neurological Sciences and Neurosurgery

Although the presentation of cerebral aneurysms is variable, those of fusiform configuration in some cases are not possible to resolve through direct clipping. For this aneurysms, there are many surgi [...]

Inherent Defect of the Endometrium Causes Implantation Failure in Assisted Reproductive Technique
Siddhartha Chatterjee
La Prensa Medica

Introduction: Implantation failure appears to be a significant factor in Assisted reproductive technique (ART) procedures. Even a mature endometrium may be nonreceptive, preventing implantation or rej [...]

24th Oct, 2020, RESEARCH ARTICLE
Vitamins Disturbance in Cancerous Patients: A Prospective Comparison Study
Ahmed Salih Alshewered
La Prensa Medica

Cancers are a complex disease that involves abnormal cell growth pattern and it is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The chemotherapy is one of the most common treatments for can [...]

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