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A Confront on Food and Nutrition Toxicology
Chamakuri Srinivas
Journal of Food and Nutritional Health

The term food pollution can be used to describe any unwanted element, such as a toxic chemical or biological contaminant, found in food that is either not native to the product or at levels that are s [...]

28th May, 2020, REVIEW ARTICLE
Cataract and Healthy Diet, an Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure - A Mini-review
Hamzeh Mohammad Alrawashdeh
Journal of Food and Nutritional Health

A cataract is a major cause of reversible blindness worldwide. Nowadays, the only available treatment is the surgical removal of the cataractous lens. Several studies have found that oxidative stress [...]

28th May, 2020, EDITORIAL
Nutrition and Long-Term Cardiovascular Health
Ariel Pablo Lopez
Journal of Food and Nutritional Health

Heart Disease is the common objective mortality in Western countries, responsible for about 30 percent of all losses around the globe. Proof demonstrates how effective safe dietary habits and behavior [...]

29th May, 2020, REVIEW ARTICLE
Malnutrition and Metabolic changes
Carla Landolfi
Journal of Food and Nutritional Health

Concerned with malnutrition affected by insufficient consumption of all significant nutrients, instead of single-micronutrient insufficiency illnesses. Three specific cases are acknowledged: infants w [...]

A Short Diet, Nutrition-An Approach to the Prevention of Cancer
Anas Nasir
Journal of Food and Nutritional Health

Diet and lifestyle conditions in Western states were believed to contribute to around 30 percent of cancers. Adjusting diet second only to the preventive cause of tobacco cancer. The dietary contribut [...]

Nanotechnology in Cardiology
Qiaoyun Zheng
Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Research

Atherosclerotic stenosis are reduced by a single or a sequence of balloon angioplasties to zero or minimal grades of residual stenosis. Stents are currently being inserted to avoid immediate vasc [...]

Nanotechnology and Cancer: Overview
Ala Mohammed
Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Research

The molecular study of cancer is increasingly changing from models focused on phenomenological explanations to network models originating from system biology, capable of capturing the disease’s [...]

Efficacy of L-Carnitine Therapy in Selected Cases of Male Factor Infertility
Bashar M Al-Hammodi
La Prensa Medica

The purpose of the Placebo-controlled double-blind trial study is to investigate how effective the L-Carnitine therapy on cases of selected male factor infertility in a private clinic for 3 years dura [...]

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