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28th Dec, 2022, RESEARCH ARTICLE
Ring-Fit Adventure™: Psychological and Qualitative Outcomes of a Novel Active Video Game Intervention
Kameron B Suire
Journal of Womens Health Care and Management

Introduction: There is evidence to suggest a potential relationship between the self-determination theory (SDT) and active video games (AVG’s). With the resurgence of AVG’s through Ring-Fi [...]

11th Jul, 2022, REVIEW ARTICLE
Role of Biomarker in the Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Haque SS
Neurological Sciences and Neurosurgery

Objectives: Biomarker or biological makers are a molecule that behaves as indicators of biological states; ideally they should have high sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy in reflecting the total [...]

Effects of Various High Tunnel Coverings on Color and Phenolic Compounds of Red and Green Leaf Lettuce (Lactuca Sativa)
Eleni D Pliakoni
Journal of Food and Nutritional Health

High tunnel (HT) coverings can reduce light intensity and spectral quality, thus negatively affecting pigmentation and accumulation of several important phytochemicals in lettuce. The objectives of th [...]

The Role of the Teacher of Dance of the 21st Century: The Art of Education
Louise Fhaedra Da Silva Pereira
Neurological Sciences and Neurosurgery

This article aims at a critical analysis of the role and importance of the dance teacher in the 21st century. [...]

Improving Attitudes towards Male Ballet Dancers
Predrag Pale
Neurological Sciences and Neurosurgery

The study tested if a lecture on male ballet by a male - engineer - amateur ballet dancer would be related to a change in attitudes on male ballet after the lecture. The lecturer held a lecture on mal [...]

Linking Useful Field of View (UFoV) and Social Competence among College Students
Oren Shtayermman
Neurological Sciences and Neurosurgery

Currently, socialization among college students on campus is an area of interest for many researchers. The interest is related to the transition to college life and independent living as well as devel [...]

5th Dec, 2022, REVIEW ARTICLE
Hyperinsulinemia: Diagnostic and Treatment Considerations
Caralise W Hunt
Obesity and Diabetes Research

Hyperinsulinemia may be the first indicator of developing metabolic disease and has been linked to insulin resistance, obesity, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes. Diagnosis of hyperinsulinemia is compl [...]

11th Oct, 2022, RESEARCH ARTICLE
Improving Athletic Performance in Youth and Young Adult Adaptive Sports Athletes through Somatic Movement Re-Education and Therapy
Richard Mack
Neurological Sciences and Neurosurgery

Objective: Our objective was to employ somatic movement re-education therapy with athletes under the age of 27 diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy or other forms of trauma-related motor impairment to effect [...]

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