Emergence of Artificial Intelligence in Cardiology - The Future

Pavan Sreenath,

Published on: 2024-05-13


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a nontechnical, popular term that refers to machine learning (ML) of various types, but most commonly deep neural networks. The field of cardiology is at the forefront of AI in medicine. Using search terms related to AI and cardiology, we searched PubMed and MEDLINE databases without date restriction. Relevance was considered when selecting articles. In this article, we highlight the major advances in cardiology in recent years and demonstrate how AI is poised to take center stage in the future. To identify the most relevant problems to solve with AI, computer scientists, clinical investigators, clinicians, and other users must collaborate closely. When generating and implementing AI, best practices include selecting ideal data sources, taking into account common challenges during interpretation, validation, and generalizability, and addressing safety and ethical concerns before final implementation. As investigators and clinicians continue to collaborate, AI in cardiology and in medicine in general will have a bright future.

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