Insights on the Trends and Future of Vascular Neurology

Afraah Mohammed Mouzzam,

Published on: 2024-05-15


Over the last several decades, advances have been made in vascular neurology, including advancements in stroke diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation. Furthermore, the individuals who are providing the care represent a different cohort than those who were caring for stroke patients 30 years ago, because it has become increasingly important to make quick decisions for acute interventions and a larger workforce is required to provide the many complex aspects of stroke care. Before one can speculate about its future direction, one must understand the field’s history. The remainder of this special issue focuses on vascular neurology in a post-thrombectomy era, highlighting some of the recent massive changes in the last few decades and introducing future opportunities and challenges. The management and care of ischemic strokes continues to rely on thrombolysis and thrombectomy, but the way care is delivered, who provides it, how they are trained, where they are provided, and how data are used to inform early management decisions will likely change in the coming years

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