Journal of Food and Nutritional Health  is an International Peer Reviewed journal presenting original research contributions and scientific advances in the field of food and nutritional disorders. Food and Nutrition are considered fundamental human rights. Covering broad research areas, aims to promote information in Food and Nutrition and related sciences and enhance exchange of scientific literature among peers. It also serves as a platform to promote meetings and news relating to advances in Food and Nutritional Health.

Improving food security and nutrition is about more than just increasing the quantity of energy intake; it is also about improving the quality of the food in terms of dietary diversity, variety, nutrient content and safety.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Food and Nutritional Health covers a broad spectrum of topics for study that discusses theoretical and conceptual aspects of Food and Clinical Nutrition like Nutrition and Food Sciences, Food Biotechnology, Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Obesity and Weight loss, Food Safety, Nutrition and Diabetes, Potato Nutrition, Nutrigenomics, Molecular Nutrition and Malnourishment. Applied research with practical orientation on Hygiene, Human Development, Food Safety regulations and Human Nutrition are equally welcome. The journal solicits manuscripts that discuss technical and medical advancements like Food Biotechnology, Mass Spectrometry in Food Technology, Biochemical and bioprocess engineering to address the issues and challenges in this field.

Contributors are welcome to publish high quality clinical, and laboratory research as case series, reviews, guidelines, techniques and practices

Current Issue

 Journal of Food and Nutritional Health displays all the published materials and articles in the archival page to identify and find relative article for citation.

JOURNAL OF FOOD AND NUTRITIONAL HEALTH CATEGORY: BIOMEDICINE A critical review on ultra-processed foods - toxic and addictive Ramireddy Sulekha


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