Early Childhood Education Teachers’ Nutrition Knowledge For 2-5-Year-Old Children in Childcare: A Narrative Review

Jeanette Rapson,

Published on: 2021-03-26


Caregivers’ nutrition knowledge is important for children’s health and preventing childhood obesity. Our aim was to review evidence for early childhood education (ECE) teachers’ nutrition knowledge for pre-schoolers in childcare. Article searches were conducted from March 2016 to May 2020 across three databases and were considered eligible if published in English up to May 2020 and related to ECE teachers’ nutrition knowledge. Of the articles that met inclusion criteria (n=19), nine directly measured ECE teachers’ nutrition knowledge for pre-schoolers and three directly measured ECE teachers’ general nutrition knowledge. All articles expect one provided data for ECE staff nutrition-related attitudes, beliefs and/or behaviours. Studies were non-experimental, descriptive, cohort and/or cross-sectional, with one randomised control trial (RCT); all but one study used questionnaires to measure outcomes. Most studies suggested ECE teachers lack nutrition knowledge, but further research is warranted.

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