Obesity and Diabetes Research is an international online journal for basic and translational research, across different disciplines and areas. Obesity and Diabetes Research aims to enhance insight in obesity and diabetes mechanisms and the perspective for innovation. The journal welcomes submission of papers both at the molecular, sub cellular, cellular, organ, and organism level, and of clinical proof of concept and translational studies. Manuscripts are accepted to provide a significant contribution to the field with relevance for obesity and diabetes research. Obesity and Diabetes Research is proud to have fast Reviewing and Editorial Decision process. Manuscripts are normally evaluated by three members from an international panel of reviewers and we provide a first editorial decision within 7 days of receipt. Manuscripts may be submitted as Original Articles, Rapid Communications, or Reviews. The journal also publishes Editorials, and comprehensive series of reviews of cases as Special Issues.

Aims and Scope

Obesity and Diabetes Research is an international, multidisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal for delivering and discussing original and current research results concerning the obesity and diabetes research worldwide. The journal is based on scientific research but with strong connections to methodologies in general. The journal is meant for researchers, students, and readers interested in current issues. Obesity and Diabetes Research will be published electronically. It will be easily accessible and will be distributed widely across the world. The journal will contain more than 10 editorial Board members. We also welcome reviews on recent regionally relevant books, news, announcements and presentations of current research, institutions, and significant projects.

Current Issue

Obesity and Diabetes Research displays all the published materials and articles in the archival page to identify and find relative article for citation.

OBESITY AND DIABETES RESEARCH CATEGORY: BIOMEDICINE Obesity and lifestyle changes: a global risk factor for cancer M Thanmai Nagasri

OBESITY AND DIABETES RESEARCH CATEGORY: BIOMEDICINE Intermittent fasting: a potential bridge for metabolic health and quality of life Priya Goyal

OBESITY AND DIABETES RESEARCH CATEGORY: BIOMEDICINE Acknowledgement of manuscript reviewers jodr volume - 4 (2023) Obesity And Diabetes Research ODR

OBESITY AND DIABETES RESEARCH CATEGORY: BIOMEDICINE Insulin analogs: non-inferior and expensive Robert Misbin


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