Oncology Departments - Where are all the Psychologists?

Joanne Lusher,

Published on: 2023-09-11


Since the dawn of COVID-19, like all other health and social care sectors, oncology departments around the world have been experiencing a significant rise in pressure and demand on their services [1]. For example, in the UK alone, the number of individuals on National Health Service (NHS) waiting lists for consultant-led care has grown exponentially, with almost seven and a half million people currently waiting for treatment [2]. With cancer being the leading and most common cause of death worldwide, oncology services are likely to be feeling the brunt of this pressure. This calls for a need for appropriate mental health support for patients who are experiencing the psychological burden of illness, as well as for healthcare staff who are navigating the growing demands of their jobs. Nevertheless, this does come with a caveat – there is a stark absence of psychologists in oncology departments.

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