Fracking Systems are Politically Driven and are a Detriment to the Health of Women

Tyra M. Gravesande,

Published on: 2024-03-19


There is widespread agreement that factors like diet, a family history of chronic illnesses, and lifestyle choices affect the existence of health disparities among women. However, it is often overlooked that the environmental surroundings can be the main factor negatively affecting one’s health. Breast cancer claims the lives of over 45,000 women annually, with a disproportionate impact on women who identify as black, indigenous, or women of color. It is often overlooked that oil, chemical, and waste management factories house dangerous chemicals that are released into the air and nearby areas. These chemicals infiltrate our living spaces and have a harmful effect on women’s bodies, compromising the function of our antibodies and T-cells. Research studies have indicated that the composition and potential impacts of fracking fluid have also influenced the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (2004) conducted an analysis of different methods of disposal and their level of safety. This is a significant issue due to the necessity of storing and disposing of flow backwater. Fracking has been associated with elevated incidences of cancer as well as disorders affecting the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems. This paper will analyze three lines of evidence: the correlation between breast cancer, fracking systems, and the reproductive cycle in nature, also known as the harmful chain effect. It will explore how these factors contribute to what can be considered a form of female genocide, referred to as necro-politics. Additionally, it will investigate the link between higher cancer rates and residing in close proximity to chemically polluting factories. These factors are closely related to each other. As a result, environmental harm is primarily responsible for the differences and social factors that affect women’s health. Specifically, the practice of hydraulic fracking in oil and chemical factories is causing significant harm to women and gender nonconforming individuals with breast cancer the release of numerous chemicals into the atmosphere and surrounding areas is what causes this harm.

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