Editor Guidelines

Here are Basic Roles and Responsibilities of an Editor

Taking up the instructions given by the editor in chief for the Journal betterment.
Handling the manuscripts for the evaluation and should provide the final decision on the manuscript as per the reviewer's comments.
Suggesting potential reviewers for the Journal to conduct the review process and also forwarding the manuscripts to potential reviewers.
Handling author queries related to publication, ethical questions, and misconduct raised while publication and should respond to them accordingly.
Maintaining confidentiality of work received by every author as the review process is unbiased.
Implementation of new ideas in reviewing policies discussed in editorial meetings.
Spotlight on the quality review process to maintain a consistent level.
Keeping the records on reviewer performance and timeliness.
Recommendation of conferences to promote the Journal on their website with mutual benefits.
Identifying the trending topics on Journal scope and should suggest a special issue release.
Monitoring the Journal performance on timely basis and capable of taking new decisions for the improvement.


Salient features that insist you to choose us include:
  • Open Access
  • Fast-track publication
  • Peer-review process
  • Online Manuscript Tracking
  • Quality Research Papers
  • Widely Indexed
  • Automatic Citation
  • Quality Reprints
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