If I Knew What was Going on with me, Then I Probably Wouldn’t Fel So Sad or Scared: A CBPR Study Addressing Health Disparities for Black Pregnant Women

Heather Howard,

Published on: 2023-11-13


Maternal mortality rates for women identifying as Black are significantly higher than rates for women identifying as Hispanic or White women. The purpose of this community-based participatory research (CBPR) study was to enhance racial equity for Black women who are pregnant. We recruited 20 Black mothers in three Florida counties as co-researchers. These mothers had delivered a live infant within the 12 months prior to the study. Two major themes emerged: environment and health literacy. Theme one entailed three subthemes: lack of options, racial disparities, and feeling dismissed. One subtheme emerged from the second theme: asking for help and communicating specific needs. As a result, a web-based toolkit was informed by these mothers to promote self-advocacy and health literacy. Further research could explore the impact of the toolkit for Black mothers, providers, and partners to support the reduction of health care disparities for Black mothers.

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