Is It Time to Move Towards Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Testing in Self-Collected Genito-Urinary Samples for Cervical Cancer Screening? A Survey-Based Study from India

Meenal Agarwal,

Published on: 2021-08-14


Background: Cervical cancer is one of the most common as well as the most preventable cancer. Screening tests have been developed for decades, but awareness, availability and uptake have not been uniform especially in low-resource countries.

Aim: Gauging the knowledge, awareness and attitude of women towards cervical cancer, willingness to undergo screening and preferred sample collection methods.

Method: Women in an urban region of India were given an online survey regarding cervical cancer, screening and preferred type of sample collection.

Result: 836 women participated in this study, 87.2% were already aware about cervical cancer, 65.7% were aware of screening, 60.4% preferred self-collection of genito-urinary samples for screening.

Conclusion: Despite being aware of cervical cancer and screening protocols, the screening rate was extremely low. Majority of women preferred self-collection of samples for screening. This information can be used to strategize accessible and acceptable screening programs, beginning with promotion of self-collection of genito-urinary samples for HPV DNA testing.

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