Managing Perinatal Depression through Collaborative Care Models in Obstetric and Pediatric Settings: A Systematic Review

Idan Falek,

Published on: 2021-09-13


Collaborative care models (CCMs) are effective in managing depression in primary care settings. However, it is unclear as to whether collaborative care models implemented in women’s health and pediatric settings are enhancing treatment for women who are at risk of perinatal depression. This review examined literature about collaborative care models for women in the perinatal period to provide insight into the promising treatment model. A systematic search resulted in n=8 studies that evaluated a total of n=7 different CCMs. Depression screening, referral processes, care coordination, treatment, and other aspects of the CCMs were examined. It can be concluded that CCMs enhance the detection of depression, treatment initiation, and engagement in services in pregnant and postpartum women. Implications and a future research agenda are presented.

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