The Knowledge of Females about COVID-19 in Gynecological Clinic

Abeer Riyadh Ibrahim Al-Alwani,

Published on: 2022-04-11


This study investigated the knowledge of women toward COVID-19 during the pandemic during attending to gynecological clinic. The study aimed to identify the relation of certain demographic features with knowledge of COVID-19. A cross-sectional study was conducted, from 1st xx 2020 to 1st xx 2020. The information was gathered and analyzed. The study showed that (97%) knowing about seriousness, (99%) about the causative agent, and (94%) about the clinical feature of COVID-19 correct knowledge. Most of the study sample knew the common methods of transmission of COVID-19 disease (respiratory droplets (94.2%), direct contact (90.6%) while only (78.4%) reply that the food was not a method of transmission of the disease). The answers were regarding the correct knowledge about preventive and control measure as followings: Isolation and physical distances (100%), washing hands with soap for at least 60 seconds (99.1%), using mask for mouth and nose (94.5%), using alcohol for disinfection (91.7%) but knowing about the presence of vaccination and antibiotics for the disease only 97.8% for vaccination, and (70.7%) reply that there are no vaccination and antibiotics for the disease till now. Most Medical and dental students had very good knowledge about COVID-19 virus disease (causes, clinical features, mode of transmission, the seriousness and prevention methods of COVID-19 disease).

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