La Prensa Medica Argentina is considered as one of the world’s most renowned journal in the field of Medicine. The Journal  is indexed in Scopus, Scimago (H Index-5), Google Scholar, British Library, EBSCO, MIAR, Index Copernicus (Value: 98.19), Research Gate, OCLC World Cat. Also, it is one of the oldest journals currently publishing articles in 106 volume. The editorial board members are highly distinguished, eminent scientists; professors from across the world ensuring high quality of articles are published in the Journal.

La Prensa Medica Argentina promotes rigorous research that makes a significant contribution in advancing knowledge in the field of medicine. The journal is characterized by the rapid reporting of reviews, original research and clinical studies across all disease areas.

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La Prensa Medica Argentina SRL has been distinguished with the Business Excellence Award 2019, in the category of "Best Medical Journal Publishing Company 2019- Argentina".

La Prensa Medica Argentina is now an official publishing partner of USAR Conferences 2019, Czech Republic, Europe.

Reasons to publish with La Prensa Medica Argentina

High standard, rigorous peer review

106 years old journal quality and reputation

Supported by a network of prestigious journals and societies Immediate open access

Freely available to read, download and share

Fully compliant with all open access mandates

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Aims and Scope

La Prensa Medica Argentina covers the broadest range of scope of topics related to Medicine. The journal publishes original, high quality, peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of general internal medicine, primary care, family practice, clinical epidemiology, health service research, decision analysis, behavioral science, clinical ethics, psychosocial issues, and medical education, among others.

Current Issue

All the peer reviewed articles published in the journal would be displayed in the archival page of the journal. La Prensa Medica Argentina displays all the published materials and articles in the archival page to identify and find relative article for citation.

LA PRENSA MEDICA CATEGORY: MEDICINE External versus endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy regarding complications and outcomes-a comparative retrospective study Haider Aswad Layikh

LA PRENSA MEDICA CATEGORY: MEDICINE Risk of an excess cancer fatality due to ingestion of uranium from some pharmaceuticals in iraq Ali Abid Abojassim Abojassim

LA PRENSA MEDICA CATEGORY: MEDICINE Outcomes of hemodialysis native arteriovenous fistula creation in iraq: a combine prospective and retrospective study Qusay Jummaa Lazim

LA PRENSA MEDICA CATEGORY: MEDICINE Time to progression of early versus advanced breast cancer in iraq Ahmed Salih Alshewered

LA PRENSA MEDICA CATEGORY: MEDICINE The assessment of malignant ovarian tumors in baghdadian women Rasha Zaki Shukur

LA PRENSA MEDICA CATEGORY: MEDICINE The relation between left thumb fingerprint types with blood groups and gender among students of al-kindy college of medicine, 2019 Hayder Sabah Hasan Hasan

LA PRENSA MEDICA CATEGORY: MEDICINE Nasopharyngeal carcinoma in south of iraq: a retrospective study Haider Saadoon Qasim Alhilfi

LA PRENSA MEDICA CATEGORY: MEDICINE Knowledge, screening, and practices surrounding iraqi female breast cancer: an observational cross-sectional survey study Mohammed Y Jamal

LA PRENSA MEDICA CATEGORY: MEDICINE Measurement of concentrations of radionuclides and internal and external risk factors for models of the hilla deposits in babil governorate EK Zoda


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