Analysis of Efficiency of using Various Systems of Growing Flaxseed Oil Based on the Application of Siderates, Microfertilizers, Soil and Endophytic Microorganisms

Kovalenko O,

Published on: 2020-09-21


The main purpose of our research was to study the effect of various growing systems, treatment of plant residues with nitrogen fertilizers and bacterial destructors of stubble, as well as the joint use of bacterial preparations and micro fertilizers on the parameters of plant height formation and the yield of flax oil in the Dry Steppe of Ukraine. In the process of carrying out our scientific work and writing the article, we used field, laboratory, statistical and computationally-comparative methods of research. We have established that the yield level and biometric parameters of flaxseed flax plants have high variability under the influence of the studied factors.
The combination of nitrogen fertilizers and stubble destructors, as well as tank mixtures with micro fertilizers and bacterial preparations using the canning growing system, ensured in the experiments the highest values of both plant heights and the yield of flaxseed oil.

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