Awareness of Stroke among Teachers in Asser Region, Saudi Arabia

Fares M Al Zahrani,

Published on: 2019-07-05


Background: Stroke is a serious life-threatening medical disorder, which is caused by disruption of blood vessels supplying oxygen to the brain cells. Stroke is mainly categorized into two types, ischemic and hemorrhagic.
Objective: To assess the knowledge of teachers and their contribution to spreading awareness related to stroke, its causes, risks, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
Design: A cross-sectional survey.
Settings: Government schools in Asser region of Saudi Arabia.
Subjects and methods: A 25 questionnaire set was distributed to the teachers for filling up, which included questions to evaluate the teacher’s knowledge of stroke.
Main outcome measures: Simple random sampling technique, SPSS software program, Chi-Square test.
Results: Teachers from Saudi origin were statistically more aware of stroke (p value=0.003). A statistically significant difference (p value=0.015) was observed in terms of the gender of teachers where it was observed that males spread more stroke awareness. Teachers with a bachelor’s degree (p value=0.020) and the ones who specialized in social subjects spread (p value=0.038) significant awareness.
Conclusion: It is essential to increase the knowledge of teachers regarding stroke. Various campaigns and awareness camps should be conducted to spread awareness.

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