Conventional vs Laparoscopic Appendectomy in General Surgery Interns

Lucas Garcias,

Published on: 2023-11-10


Background: Acute appendicitis (AA) is one of the most frequent conditions for consultation by the on-call service that requires surgical treatment, with an estimated incidence of between 6 and 8%.
Methods: Two groups made up of 25 randomly selected patients were created: G1 - Laparoscopic appendectomy (AL) and G2 - Conventional appendectomy (CA). We analyzed variables such as sex, age, operating time, postoperative pain, hospital stay, and postoperative complications.
Results: 53.2% of the patients were male and the remaining 46.8% were female, with a mean age of 31 years. The series yielded a general complication rate of 28% for G1 and 68% for G2.
Conclusion: What marks the evolution is not only the capacity of the acting resident, but also the condition of the organ and the patient’s own factors.

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