Hypertensive Patients Practices in Relation to Lifestyle Changes

Shaheed A. Mohammed Ridha,

Published on: 2024-03-05


Background: Hypertension is the most public-health challenge globally. Management of it should take high priority.

Objectives: To compared between hypertensive practices and lifestyle changes of patients.

Method: A descriptive study was carried out Nov 2022 to Nov 2023. A total of 100 hypertensive cases were admitted into medical wards. Demographic-data-form and hypertensive-form of case practices among lifestyle changes. Direct interview technique was used to collect data.

Results: The mean age was 49.53 years and more of the participants were female 55%. Regarding education, that more cases were literate (literacy) 52%. In addition, majority of them were married 80%. Regarding family history, 50% had positive history. Housewife represented 51% of employment. Patients’ practices regarding lifestyle changes revealed a moderate mean score of 1.7.

Conclusion: The study indicated that the majority of items have low mean score in terms of practice. There was a significant relationship between patients’ practice regarding hypertension and some demographic characteristics like level of education and family history. The patients were inadequate or deficit in some aspects related to lifestyle changes regarding hypertension disease.

Keywords: Hypertension, Lifestyle changes, Risk factors, Housewife

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