Schwannoma of the Facial Nerve with Facial Resuscitation with Facial Hypoglossal Neurotization

Roberto Araoz,

Published on: 2022-08-10


Schwannoma is a rare pathology of the facial nerve. Its preoperative diagnosis is difficult since it has no symptoms or pathognomonic signs of the disease.

The dissection of the facial nerve in its trunk and its branches with electrostimulation is the surgical way to suspect it intraoperatively. Partial decompression or complete exercises should be considered according to the experience of the surgical team in nerve reconstruction.

The repair of the facial nerve as a first option should be the immediate graft or end-to-end suture.

Neurotization is a surgical procedure that causes the patient facial symmetry with management of ocular occlusion and management of the corner of the mouth, it must be performed within a year of the nerve injury.

The rehabilitation of the facial nerve requires a multidisciplinary team and the permanent collaboration of the patient to achieve the proposed objectives.

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