The association between Hypothyroidism and Migraine in Patients of Al-Muthanna province, Iraq

Haider Ali Hussein,

Published on: 2020-03-24


Background: Hypothyroidism as a cause of headache is known for over six decades. It was reported migraine in 25% of hypothyroid patients, and it was observed improvement in headache in 30% of hypothyroidism patients after initiation of thyroid hormone replacement. Similarly, a strong correlation has been found between hypothyroidism and migraine.

Aim: To determine the relationship between hypothyroidism and migraine

Patients and methods: Thyroid function test has been studied in 100 patients with migraine attending neurology consultant clinics/ Al-Hussain teaching hospital in Al-Muthanna province\Iraq.

Results: The study show migraine was more in female patients (84%) and in the age range (31-50) years about (64%). Hypothyroidism was found in (61%) of the patient with migraines who had high TSH levels and normal or low T4.

Conclusion: It was concluded that there is an association between migraine and hypothyroidism and considered hypothyroidism as a predisposition to the development of migraine.

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