The Quality of Life Impaction by Tinnitus Comprehension

Raisan Y Hasan Al-Dulaimi,

Published on: 2021-01-16


Tinnitus is the sensation of sound in the absence of an external source, and the aim is to assess the impaction of tinnitus on QoL. 25-tinnitus sufferers were enrolled with a wide range of hearing loss thresholds (HLT) and tinnitus severity status. Tinnitus severity, anxiety and depression were assessed using tinnitus handicap inventory (THI), tinnitus functional index (TFI), and the hospital anxiety and depression scale (HADS), respectively. Pure tone air conduction audiometry was performed. The impaction of tinnitus perception on QoL was found higher in suffering group. The anxiety and depression scale figured in 40%, and 60%, respectively. The handed use was 20 rights handed and 5 left-handed. Bilateral tinnitus is experiencing in 76%. The HL occurred in 17(68%) of tinnitus patients. The description of tinnitus sound as whistling (40%), hissing (24%), pulsating (16%), ringing (8%), and high pitch noises (12%). Regarding THI questionnaire, tinnitus subjects are divided into 60% (mild), 30% (moderate), and 10% (severe). While TFI questionnaire, 50% showed a (mild), 25% (moderate), and 25% showed (severe). We postulated a strong significant positive association between HADS and tinnitus severity: THI (P=0.000) and TFI (P=0.001). Those data revealed that tinnitus perception has negative impacts on QoL, and the severity may be altered by laterality.

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