The Role of Succussion in Homeopathy

Mihael Drofenik,

Published on: 2024-04-25


Succussion is a procedure that was first presented by Hahnemann. It is based on two interrelated processes: intense milling and sequential dilution. During the milling the molecules from the remedy nanoparticle surface are continuously detached and stabilized by lactose molecules, while the radius of the remedy nanoparticles decreases. Due to the continuous formation of new, stabilized remedy molecules during the milling they are in part preserved during successive dilution up to high potencies and so exclude the placebo effect, while the remedy nanoparticles gradually disappear due to sequential dilution and their permanent size reduction. In this way, the remedy-nanoparticle suspension is transformed by succussion into a homeopathic solution of stabilized remedy molecules with a large fraction of stabilized simillimum molecules.

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