Foreign Body in Mediastinum: Multidisciplinary Resolution of a Critical Case View PDF

*Desiderio Adrián
Chair Of Surgery, University Of Buenos Aires, Argentina

*Corresponding Author:
Desiderio Adrián
Chair Of Surgery, University Of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Published on: 2023-02-22


The intake of foreign bodies is a frequent and daily situation. Most of the time he has the spontaneous resolution, but when the foreign body turns out to be a sharp element, it usually causes esophageal drilling with the consequent risk of mediastinitis and/or bleeding. A critical case derived from different care centers is presented where multidisciplinary management and treatment achieve a favorable result.


Mediastinum; Foreign Body; Hemorrhage; Psychiatric Pathology


The intake of foreign bodies can occur accidentally, but most records occur in patients with psychiatric pathology or prison community that ingest them intentionally to be treated within the hospital. The strange bodies ingested can fish thorns, pieces of crystals, metal fragments, needles, or pins, among others. Most of the time he has a spontaneous resolution, however, the presence of a stuffed foreign body can injure and/or pierce the esophagus, a situation that can trigger acute mediastinitis or affect an important glass and trigger a hemorrhage [1-5]. In some cases, it is necessary for an endoscopic invasive procedure, and in others, the situation culminates in more risky surgical interventions or even the death of the patient.
Our goal is to present a case that was resolved in a multidisciplinary form at the Carlos G Durand Hospital in the CABA.

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