Evaluation the Health Impact of Some Heavy Metals in Milk from Markets

Basim Almayahi,

Published on: 2019-09-09


This study focuses on the heavy metals concentrations (Fe, Cu, Zn, Pb, and Cd) in certain common milk species are collected from Iraqi markets using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer-6300 AA, Shimadzu, Japan, respectively. This study shows the pollution in the environment obtained by heavy metals. The results showed that Cr, Cd, Cu, Zn, and Fe were varying according to the order: Zn>Fe>Cr>Cd>Cu. levels of heavy metals were 0.610(Cr), 0.125(Cd), 0.052(Cu), and 6.902(Zn), and 0.759(Fe). All the heavy metals were observed within the maximum limit in milk. Overall, the number of analyzed heavy metals and sample size were limited in the present study.

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