Innovative Technologies Impact on Socio-economic, Health, and Educational Activities during COVID-19 Era

Mosleh Zeebaree,

Published on: 2020-09-21


Computerized technology’s abrupt advancements cause noticeable renovation of financial systems and communal orders which are totally comprehensive. Modern developments are achieved specifically in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the internet of things, robotics, big data, social media, and business analysis. Moreover, the enhanced and computer-generated authenticities are providing a determined digital network and the latest possible results for a prosperous living. This recent research underlines the effects of the innovative technology in maintaining education, health, socio-economic procedures at the outbreak of COVID 19. One of the proposed methods for stopping the contagion of coronavirus disorder is by keeping social distancing and imposing lockdowns. In the meantime, that has triggered several distractions in the areas of mutual international interests, for instance, transportation, commerce, tourism, international commerce, economy, production activities, learning, etc.
It is essential and valuable to exchange the conventional way of working with an online electronic system since the old-working style came up with no advantages amid the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic. The modern online working method supports the socio-economic process and enhances its related sectors such as promoting healthcare, online meetings through the internet, online market, video conferencing, electronic administration, social networking programs, diagnosing sick people electronically, and several other public services. Nowadays humanity is completely relying on modern technology in performing daily duties coinciding with this pandemic disease. Therefore, this study presents the positive role of innovative technology and its advantages in prolonging economy, social events, health, and the process of education and many other areas following the obstacles and hindrances facing humanity because of the lockdowns and social isolations at the time of this pandemic.
In this study, steps are taken to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages as well as the effects of innovative technology on the healthcare sector, socio-economy, and learning process at the time of this contagious virus. Furthermore, steps are taken to observe modern technology applied in the economy, learning process, and social activities for the purpose of focusing on common data regarding quarantine during the COVID -19 pandemic. To improve knowledge, though there are some scientific articles on examining that condition, particularly the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on socio-economic, health, and education. This study comes along with an analysis, using an organized evaluation through studying more papers linked to innovation technology, Covid-19, socio-economic, and online service”. That would help us better understand Innovative technology and its related advantages at the time of Coronavirus Disease. The finding of this study, that innovation technologies were satisfactory to citizens and contributed effectively to the sustainability of social, economic, and health activities as advantages. On the contrary, innovation technology also has some disadvantages such as misinformation and spreading fear and panic among citizens by spreading false information or misuse of these channels by other parties for their own purposes.

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