Volume - 106, Special Issue - 3

LA PRENSA MEDICA CATEGORY: MEDICINE Character of changes of the absolute and relative amounts of the main populations of immune-competent cells of the peripheral blood of children with visual impairments Dychko V

LA PRENSA MEDICA CATEGORY: MEDICINE The modern knowledge of microbiology is an important aspect of the research competence of the future bachelor in natural sciences Nadiia Gramatyk

LA PRENSA MEDICA CATEGORY: MEDICINE Analysis of efficiency of using various systems of growing flaxseed oil based on the application of siderates, microfertilizers, soil and endophytic microorganisms Kovalenko O

LA PRENSA MEDICA CATEGORY: MEDICINE Innovative technologies impact on socio-economic, health, and educational activities during covid-19 era Mosleh Zeebaree


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