Scholars Literature provides space to the advertisers to promote their products/services in order to optimize and disseminate their information globally.

Founded in 2018, Scholars Literature has remained faithful to its commitment to publish world-class peer-review scientific articles, read by the scientific community, and is also an organizer ofinternational scientific conferences. Scholars Literature accomplishes this goal through production and distribution of high-quality electronic and print publications for researchers, concentrating on specialists, key opinion leaders, and prescribers. Scholars Literature actively solicits advertising and sponsorships in relation to its online and print publications. Scholars Literature ensures that the products/ services provided by its advertisers and sponsors remain a trusted and a credible source of information for researchers/doctors/science professionals.

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Advertisements in each of the following categories will be considered:


  • Pharmaceutical Advertising

Advertisements for over the counterdrug products, biological or natural health products.

  • Healthcare Advertising

Advertisements related to medical devices, services, and products provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers and service providers, healthcare organizations and institutions.

  • Engineering and Technology

Advertisements related to products/ services in the field of Engineering &Technology.

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Benefits of Advertising with Scholars Literature Group

  • Scholars Literature (and its subsidiaries), is an Open Access publisher, which owns and publishes over 10 peer-reviewed journals in the field of Clinical, Medical, Life Science, and Engineering & Technology and many more.
  • Scholars Literature owns areader base of over one million readers worldwide.
  • Scholars Literature journals have been indexed in globally prestigious databases like Scopus, EBSCO, SherpaRomeo, Crossref, IIJIF, Index Copernicus, J-Gate, Journal Database and Cosmos etc.
  • On an average, the Scholars Literature website receives traffic of almost 2 million hits/ month.
  • Association with over 25 scientific and academic societies.

Scholars Literature in reference to publishing and organizing conferences is indulged in various fields namely Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Clinical, Medical and Engineering, etc


Salient features that insist you to choose us include:
  • Open Access
  • Fast-track publication
  • Peer-review process
  • Online Manuscript Tracking
  • Quality Research Papers
  • Widely Indexed
  • Automatic Citation
  • Quality Reprints
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