Guidelines for Reviewers

Peer review process is the main mechanism which drives the Journals of Scholars Literature to maintain the quality publication. Peer review is to judge the manuscript quality and worth to publish. In peer review, experienced Reviewers are the valuable resources to conduct the review. Every manuscript solicits at least two reviewer comments for the evaluation before its publication. Mostly potential reviewers are suggested by the Handling Editors. Scientific Journals concentrate on quality peer review process.


  • Taking up the assignment given by the Editor with an active response.
  • Providing the review comments within the time limit.
  • Maintaining impartiality in the review process and confidentiality in the work received for review. Reviewer is advised to contact the Handling Editor, if the Reviewer intends to seek any professional advice from a colleague regarding the review of the manuscript.
  • Notifying the Editor after completion of the review process and making a recommendation to the Handling Editor over the final decision on the manuscript.
  • Providing constructive comments to the author's and avoid any personal criticism.
  • Should be capable of identifying the strength in the research work as well as weakness and should appreciate and respect author for intellectual independence.
  • Maintenance of Impropriety will not be appreciated in the review policies.
  • Introducing New Reviewers to the board to complete the review process on time.
  • Should always hold the ethical responsibilities instructed to the Reviewer.


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