Media Partners

Scholars Literature is an internationally reputed science publisher that publishes articles in more than 10 scientific journals on diversified topics related to clinical, medical, environmental, pharmaceutical, and neurosciences. Scholars Literature invites associations, academic institutions and the research agencies that are engaged in organizing science conferences, workshops, symposia, exhibitions, and summits to collaborate as media partners to advertise their ventures worldwide.

Although reaching millions of masses in this knowledge society dominated by information technologyis just a click away; however, reaching the right audience at an appropriate time is important in the scholarly world, wherein the trust and the credibility of the platform matters.

Our journal are available in open access mode, follow the best publication practices and attracts a plethora of academic, research and scholarly audience. We are keen to share the information related to your scholarly and academic events through our journal websites. However, we do also involve industries/institutions with scientific interests for the benefit of global scientific community. The main benefit of these two ways of partnership is to establish a close bond and networking among members sharing common interests. We expect our media partners to display our journals at their events in return.


Salient features that insist you to choose us include:
  • Open Access
  • Fast-track publication
  • Peer-review process
  • Online Manuscript Tracking
  • Quality Research Papers
  • Widely Indexed
  • Automatic Citation
  • Quality Reprints
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