Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently asked questions include


  • How do I submit an article?

There are 3 possible ways to submit an article to the Journal.

Author can directly drop an email to the Journal email id or to by simply attaching the manuscript.

There is online submission link to submit the manuscript which is available on the Journal website.


  •  What is the timeline for review process and the publication?

The Journal takes 21 days to publish an article. Pre-quality check will be done within two days after receiving manuscript from the author. Initial review process takes 14 days and article will be available online within 7 days of acceptance.


  •  What are the publication charges?

Publication charges vary from journal to journal. You can view them at the journal home page or in the instruction for authors page.


  •  How can I track the status of my manuscript?

Authors can directly track the status of their manuscripts in Track your manuscript mentioned in home page of every journal by entering the article reference number.

Author has right to contact the Journal editorial office ( at any time for the status of the manuscript and author will be answered within 2 hrs.


  • Is there any facility of providing reprints?

It is a great platform for the authors to get high quality reprints of their article published. Journal will provide them reprints with minimal charges as it includes printing and postal charges.


  • Is there any refund of the charges?

There is no policy of refunding the charges paid for the article publication as we incur expenses for the online tracking systems, review process and publication. So there will be no chance of refunding the charges.


  •  Can I withdraw my article after publication?

Author has a chance of withdrawing the article within 7 days of submission. We will not recommend withdrawing their article after the publication.


Salient features that insist you to choose us include:
  • Open Access
  • Fast-track publication
  • Peer-review process
  • Online Manuscript Tracking
  • Quality Research Papers
  • Widely Indexed
  • Automatic Citation
  • Quality Reprints
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