Submission Instructions

Publishing research work is vital to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among the scientific community globally. We are here to help you and make your work easy in the process of publication. Follow our instructions which guide you to design the manuscript and submit at the right platform which in turn provides you the recognition for your research.

Manuscript Preparation

After you have completed the experiment, it’s time to prepare the research work you have done into a coherent paper. The paper must be written in such a way that it describes the whole story of your research which produces a clear picture in the minds of the readers. According to standard guidelines, the manuscript must contain:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Introduction
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion

The above required details in a manuscript provides the reader, the necessary information in an easy way as the manuscript is structured into different sections.

Figure Preparation

Figures play a vital role in preparation of a manuscript as they pave the path for better understanding of the article by the reader. Hence high quality relevant images with the desired size (maximum of 640 x 480 pixels) must be used in the manuscript to increase the impact on the readers.

All the figures used in the manuscript must be cited in the text wherever required. Image formats such as PNG, TIFF, JPG, and JPEG must be used for the figures that are being used in the manuscript. Figure legends must be specific and if any symbols or special characters used in the figure must be clearly explained.

Table Preparation

The information and the results of the research can be displayed precisely in Tables. Tables must be submitted in .doc format as plain tables without any animations and designs. Image formats for tables is not encouraged. The data used in the tables and pictorial representation must be similar. The legends for the tables must be clear and specific along with the explanation for attributes and special characters used in the tables.

Supplemental Material & Data

Supporting data such as Appendix and other discrete information must be submitted as Supplementary data. Supplementary information must be submitted as a separate file in .doc format. It must not be included with the original manuscript. The figures and tables used in the supplementary information must follow the guidelines mentioned in Figure and Table preparation. The copyright policies and permission rules for the supplementary material is same as that of the published article to which it belongs.

Reference Style Guide

References used in the manuscript must be taken only from the published articles. Unpublished works cannot be cited as a reference in a manuscript. The cited references must be a sequential order and should not be cited randomly. All the references cited must also include DOI links, if available. Online articles, books, abstracts, conference proceedings, survey statistics can be used as references. Standard reference format is used as per our journal policy. Below are the reference formats that are to be used:


Author names (Year) Article Title. Journal Short name Volume: Page Numbers.


Author names (Year) Chapter name. Book name (Edition), Publisher Name, City, Country.


Author names (Year) Title. Conference Name, City, Country.

The author names used in the references must be depicted only with their Last name (e.g. Robert TN, Rudy G) and must be separated by comma. If more than five authors exist for that particular reference, et al. must be used after the name of fifth author instead of citing all the author names.


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