Guidelines for Editor in chief

An Editor-in-Chief of Scholars Literature journals will supervise publication process, such as Journals, Books, and Multimedia Publishing. An Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the society activities which include creation of Editorial Board, implementation of the editorial policies proposed by the Editorial Board, monitor the progress of all the departments associated with the publishing process. The main responsibility is to oversee the review process of the Journal and the decision making on articles in ambiguity situation with assistance of Associate Editors, Advisory Board and the Editorial Coordinators. Editor-in-Chief will have the complete command on the Editorial Board and have the right to take an immediate decision on the article.

Below are few Responsibilities of the Editor in Chief:

  • Evaluation of the Journal content and the editorial policies.
  • Nomination of new Editors to the Board.
  • Overseeing Journal activities and providing suggestions for the Journal betterment.
  • Journal activities include: Looking after review process, Suggestions of special issues, proposing new ideas for the Journal growth.
  • Handling the complaints on Journal or the issues after publication of manuscript and should act in immediate basis to resolve it.
  • Endorsing the Journal in academic meetings for more exposure.
  • Bringing up new association for the Journal to reach more researchers and better media visibility.
  • Conducting annual Editorial Board Meetings with a discussion on the Journal activities and the improvement.
  • Contribution of editorials on the current topics as per their time limit.


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