Guidelines for Authors

Generally manuscripts are classified into following types: Research, Review, Commentary, Short communication, Rapid communication, Editorial, Letter to editor, Case report, Clinical images, Conference proceedings, Addendums and Obituaries.

Authors must mention the type of article to which their manuscript belongs in the cover letter during submission.

The handling editor of the manuscript have the right to classify the submitted manuscript into the above mentioned categories to which it fits into, after consulting the corresponding author. The type of article will be displayed above the article title when it is published online.

Supplemental Material

Supplementary data must be submitted along with the original manuscript whenever required. It consists of the discrete information without which it would be difficult to understand the manuscript. We do encourage the authors to send us the supplementary material and it will be published along with the article abiding the copyright and permission policies. The Figures and Tables in the supplementary data must follow the guidelines mentioned in the Figure and Table preparation in Submission Instructions.

Submission, Review & Decision

Following are the pre-requisites to be considered for submission of a manuscript:

  • Authors are encouraged to submit their novel and unpublished works. Already published articles will not be considered for peer review as per our journal policy.
  • The complete details of the authors must be submitted and this information will not be shared without the consent of the author.
  • The submission must consist of the cover letter, original manuscript which includes the tables and figures and any supplementary material if necessary.
  • The research submitted must contain the detailed explanation along with the original results.
  • Tables and pictorial representations must be used wherever necessary with precise explanation in the legends.
  • The conclusion must be clear and summarize the theme and results of the manuscript in brief.
  • The references used in the manuscript must be from published works and must be cited in the text in a sequential order.
  • Finally the manuscript must provide the importance of the research and future perspectives to increase the impact among the readers.

Scholars Literature follows double blind 14 days peer-review process for all the articles submitted for publication in our journal. The manuscript will be assigned to the qualified editor in our editorial board as well as relevant reviewers. Based on the review comments provided by the reviewers, the editor has the sole right to provide the initial decision on the manuscript. If any revision is required, the authors must be responsible to revise the manuscript and submit within 14 days along with their responses to the reviewer and editor comments. The revised manuscript will be re-reviewed thoroughly with the help of previous reviewers and editor. The final decision on the manuscript will be provided by the editor after analyzing the re-review comments. Authors must abide by the final decision of the editor.

 Publication Charges

Authors are not entitled to pay the publication charges during the processing of the article. The publication charges for an article is ought to pay only after its acceptance for publication by the editor. The publication charge for an article which is to be published under Open Access mode vary based on the journal.

 Withdrawal Policy

As a publisher of scientific journals, we provide authors with high-quality editorial services to publish their articles. Withdrawal of articles is strongly discouraged and only used in exceptional circumstances. Sometimes, few authors wish to withdraw their article before publication due to personal reasons. In such cases, the authors must pay 20% of the publication charges as we incur expenses for processing the article. Also, the corresponding author must send a confirmation email prior to the withdrawal. Retraction of the article post-publication is considered unethical and the publication charges paid will not be refunded.


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